About Us

Zea Zeo Coffee Store Number 1


We started our business in North Carolina in 2020 based on espresso coffee and other high-quality products of worldwide fame.

Zea Zeo Coffee is dedicated to providing special and complete services that have to do with the perfect coffee experience. We represent exquisite companies from all over the world. We are, however, independent and our delivery system is very fast. Your daily coffee delight is our main obligation.

Our Mission:

It is our passion to provide products of the best possible quality and to properly train baristas in order for our products to be served perfectly in the stores of our clients.

Our clients benefit from our well trained and devoted team, our honesty and friendly approach, our strong marketing and promotional skills, the top quality of our services, technical support and finally our reliable customer service.

Please stop in at our first Zea Zeo Coffee shop at 231 N. Tryon St. Charlotte, NC. and we'll make you the perfect cup!